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Providing performance, stress management and mental fitness through portable, one-on-one sessions at work.

We maximize performance, engagement and happiness

Most people are “just fine.” They don’t think about managing their mental wellness, and that means that they are often disengaged at work. That’s where we come in— we provide one-on-one counseling in the workplace to help all employees be their best selves and flourish.

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But wait. Aren’t we doing just fine?

No we aren’t. Increasing levels of stress are leading to turnover, absenteeism, low engagement, and loss of productivity at work. Even for those of us who want to do something about it, it’s impossible to find time.


of employees have left a job due to stress


only 30% of employees are engaged at work


estimated annual cost of stress for U.S. workplaces

Our Approach

We provide one-on-one stress management, productivity improvement and happiness counseling in the workplace. Our counselors have extensive experience in managing work-related concerns, and bring years of work helping people flourish. We use a unique set of tools in our conversations to help develop tactics and techniques that are effective even after our conversations stop.

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Workplace stress is best addressed with a human touch, and no technology can replace that. Our approach puts counselors in the heart of your office right where they make can make a difference.

Scientifically proven

Our counselors are the best in the business, licensed and trained to leverage cutting-edge research in positive psychology, be it solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or motivational interviewing.

Fast and Effective

Our solutions are designed to have a small number of sessions to allow all employees to take advantage of what we offer in the most efficient way, based on the demand of employees.


Each client has their own needs, and we respect that. Our counselors are experts in learning about a company’s values and work culture, making our services highly tailored the client.

A Message from the Founders

CEO doing Kellogg MBA

Jonathan Bateman

counselor and founder

Daniela Vosti

"We are passionate about mental wellness and health because we have seen the impacts of not taking care of our minds first-hand through family experiences. We want to make life better for everyone by supporting companies and employees in every way that we can. We aim to be the first call for HR whenever they or their employees need support, making mental health seamless, convenient, and accessible for everyone. We'd love to hear from you!"