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Providing better access to mental health support for our first responders by allowing them to take control of their own wellbeing.

We help police officers and firefighters understand their own mental health.

Police and firefighters have really challenging jobs. And today, we could be supporting their mental health better. That’s where we come in – we’re developing a proprietary digital health app that engages our first responders where they are, confidentially and anonymously.

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Our first responders deserve all the help we can give them

While departments often have resources to help officers and fire fighters, they are always looking for more ways to help, and they don’t know where to turn. Police and firefighters are dealing with major challenges because they see traumas on a daily basis.

Our Approach

We provide officers and firefighters with a proprietary, anonymous and confidential tool that lets them better track how they’re doing, especially after challenging situations. This first-of-its-kind tool is leading the charge for providing better support and earlier.

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Our tool is built specifically for first responders. Questions are specific, short, and useful.


Our questions are based off proven screening tools, so there’s no guess work in keeping track of mental health.

Confidential and anonymous

Officer and firefighters’ mental health is personal – so we don’t share any of our data. Ever.


We help an officer or firefighter understand their own mental health, and push out recommendations to them based on what we find.

A Message from the Founders

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Jonathan Bateman

counselor and founder

Daniela Vosti

We are passionate about mental wellness and health because we have seen the impacts of not taking care of our minds first-hand through family experiences. We want to provide better support to our first responders because they’ve got our back, and we should have theirs. We are looking to broaden the resources available for our nation’s heroes.